Top Stocktwits Traders!!

//Top Stocktwits Traders!!

Greetings to all my followers in both Stocktwits and Twitter. As of today, I’ve reached a very important milestone in my Trading career, even though it has been a part time one. I’ve completed 20,000 followers in Stocktwits and I have to thank you for each one of your follows, interactions on your daily basis. And from my end, I thought of providing the list of Top Traders that each one of you must follow, if you are not following them already.

As a brief background, I got introduced to StockTwits towards the beginning of 2012 timeframe via a friend in Bloomington, IL where I’ve resided for many years. The first follower from my end was Howard Lindzon (@howardlindzon), the CEO of @StockTwits. Guess what? I got “Welcome” message almost immediately. I always like to wish, greet people since I come from the Information Technology world. And a few select followers who were posting a lot of charts, thoughts and learning material.

At this point, I informed my friend that I plan to read/study and not trade for about 4-5 months, understand psychology of folks trading and their methodology, risk management and so on. No regrets. Those 5 months were golden. I met my mentor and more so now a great friend and a well wisher Greg Harmon (@harmongreg). All I did was to subscribe to his Dragonfly Capital Yearly membership to learn, not to trade. I used to email and ask a lot of questions, some may have been silly and/or unnerving but well he had the utmost patience to respond. I used to take notes (which I do even today) from various posts of his and still ask some questions. Having said that, there are many traders who I perceive as mentors, as I’ve learnt a lot from them over a period of time.

The first and foremost thing I will tell many of my followers who are new or intermediate traders is to learn and listen. That goes a long way not only in trading but in all facets of life. Not preaching here but these things that are basic and essential in one’s life. There are so many traders who have huge following and post a ton of posts. Pick and choose and follow them to learn. You don’t have to read a ton of blog posts or see videos of everyone – a handful to understand the concepts of what they are looking at from a broad market perspective will suffice. And for heaven sake, quick following CNBC and other TV channels. They are all piece of garbage in my humble opinion.

That said, the purpose of this write-up is to list the Top Traders in StockTwits and Twitter I follow who have made great strides in my learning curve. Please click on the StockTwits or Twitter handle listed below to see their profile. There is no particular order in which you need to follow them in order to learn. However, it is up to one to review their tweets and figure out whether or not those tweets fit their trading style or not. Trade your plan with your risk management. Without your homework, none of them or their tweets will help.

  • @harmongreg: Greg Harmon is one of the veterans if I may say in trading and a great mentor. Excellent stock market analysis across multiple timeframe and simple technical analysis. One of the best, if not best Options trader I’ve met who provides ways and means to protect various stock positions leveraging various option strategies. Founder and Preside of Dragonfly Capital, Adjunct Prof at Case Weatherhead School of Management and finally Author of one of the best books – Trading Options Using Technical Analysts to Design Winning Trades.
  • @alphatrends: Brian Shannon is a pioneer in trading and investing. Another mentor in the trading and investing world who has over 90K followers. Brian places a  lot of emphasis on following price and nothing else pays. He always provides his insights on trend, support & resistance, moving averages, VWAP, volume and timeframes. Brian’s book “Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes” has explanations about accumulation, markup, distribution, and decline phases of the market cycle.
  • @JBoorman: Jon Boorman – never knew he was a musician, get to watch it on periscope when he does any live. With respect to trading, he is one of the most disciplined and patient technical traders I’ve seen.  Another one who follows price and trend and focuses on multiple timeframes.
  • @ryandetrick: Ryan Detrick – What should I call him? “Historio Crunchy”? Sounds like a name for a new candy. Well, Ryan crunches data mostly historical in nature in his sleep. Amazing the way he does and consistently. He is a speaker and writer on stock market and economic issues and is widely sought after by financial media for his expertise and commentary. I wish him all the very best as he recently joined LPL Financials as a Senior Market Strategist. Last but not the least, a great father of 3 cute kids and a blessed wife.
  • @AnneMarieTrades: Anne-Marie began her career as a neuroscience researcher. She is a currently day and swing trader who predominantly focuses on Futures trading. A very lucrative way of trading if you have discipline and follow Anne’s level’s (resistance, support and fib levels) that she posts every morning. Many know her as a great coach and has been featured in many financial networks and websites (Example: Bloomberg). Anne also has a live trading room at Another mentor in my opinion and my mentor for Futures trading.
  • @ivanhoff: He is the founder of and is a full time trader. He has written quite a few books and a couple of them are “The Secrets To Highly Profitable Swing Trading” and “How to Protect & Grow Capital during Corrections“. These books are exceptional and a must read, as they are very relevant at this current juncture as I write. Ivan has clear vision of the market and shares a lot of insights based on his experience.
  • @RedDogT3: Scott Redler is the Chief Strategist at T3Live and T3Trading Group. Scott provides great market insight, technical analysis every day with charts depicting various levels for one to use. One can use his views for short term intraday trading. He is also a frequent guest in Bloomberg and CNBC. He starts the day pretty much when most in the mid-west and west coast are fast alseep. Scott also prepares well and participates in Iron Man contests.
  • @SunriseTrader: I never got to know his real name but most know him as Sunrise and that’s fair enough. One can use his posts and thoughts shared to shorten his/her learning curve especially if you are new to the trading world. He emphasizes every one to trade their own style, timeframe with a clear plan and risk management. Last but not the least, he is one of the very few in both Stocktwits and Twitter who emphasizes on health. His famous quotes “Without our health none of this matters“.
  • @gtlackey: Thomas is not only a Chartered Market Technician but also a Certified Financial Planner and Certified Fund Specialist. He is the Founding Partner and CIO at Barber Lackey Financial Group. He focuses a lot on Technical and Quantitative analysis of security markets as a whole. He shares a wealth of information in Stocktwits when time permits.
  • @andrewnyquist: Andy is a straightforward and simple person who is also an active investor/technical. He focuses on technical analysis and swing trading. He is the founder of the financial investing and research website SeeITMarket. His blogs, articles, and contributions have appeared on numerous websites, including Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, Business Insider,, and Benzinga. Andrew has also been interviewed and cited across several media outlets. If you follow Andy, please ensure you also follow @SeeITMarket.
  • @Bclund: Brian Lund is a 30 year trading veteran who has built up the brilliant @SparkFin App from scratch. Take notice on what he posts as they are succinct and to the point. And do yourself a favor by downloading the SparkFin app which is available for IOS users as of now and will be available in Android sooner than later. And I luv watching him drum as drumming is one of my favorite passion.
  • @traderstewie: Stewie as many call him is an exceptional chef and connoisseur. He posts various dishes – many yummy ones. From a trading perspective, a very experience insightful trader with clear knowledge of price levels.
  • @SJosephBurns: Steve Burns is an experienced Options and Trend Trader but his specialty is Risk Management, Process and Psychology. He posts a ton of very valuable input on both Stocktwits and Twitter. He has also written quite a few books which are short and succinct to help new and intermediate traders.
  • @crosshairtrader: David Blair is an experience trader who believes in clearly definted process based on price alone. He developed a strategy named Crosshairs Trading which is the art of making sense of a complex system by reducing it into simple understandable parts. David emphasizes on having a process, trade what is, not what one thinks it should be. He is another person who tells fellow traders to have a life outside of the trading world.
  • @howardlindzon: Howard Lindzon is the Co-Founder and Chairman of Stocktwits. I don’t have any words to express gratitude to him by providing many of us this great platform. I seriously believe that I’ve learnt, met and talked to various people here in this community. His posts very intellectual, knowledgeable and if you interpret them properly, you get to learn from him as well. Howard had a few excellent post on Crowd Funding recently. He posts some funny material too about the markets. While I’ve missed the “Stocktoberfest” event, I’ve been informed that it has been on of the best annual event every trader should attend. Thank you sir for all that you provide.
  • @Cousin_Vinny: Vinny Gambini or TL LeBlack – however you know him is an intraday and swing trader. Vinny also plays a lot of options on an intraday and/or swing basis which are mostly 1-3 days. He is the Founder of the “”. He posts great intraday signals, patterns, TA with fib levels and follows IBD. He is an Architect by profession. Vinny also goes live via Ticker.Tv to help new traders.
  • @HCPG: Active traders who focus on momentum stocks. HCPG have an awesome newsletter which was founded in 2006. But the main thing about HCPG is that they have an uncanny knack find the right time to post relevant technical information when they really matter. A must follow in my opinion.
  • @WrigleyTom: Tom Wrigley is one of the most transparent traders I’ve seen. As he states on his Twitter page, he is a 2/3rd Swing, 1/3 Scalp trader. He also provides excellent market commentary that you must tune into. The Earnings Calendar that he posts take my breadth away.
  • @evanmederios: Evan Medeiros is an end of day swing trader who specializes in price breakouts and momentum. Evan is the founder of TheTradeRisk and he publishes market analysis. His videos are excellent and contains a ton of educational material. He also posts various actionable trade ideas.
  • @canuck2usa: DK as he is called is a hard working trader, very straighforward person. His forte is Trade Execution with precision price points, with entries and exits. If you want to learn “What and How to Trade next”, he is your go to person. Amazing precision and I trust you will certainly benefit.
  • @ATMCharts: Aaron Jackson is a swing trader and a market technician. He is the founder of ATMCharts and also part of Benzinga’s content curation. What I really like about his work is the research that he does and shares with many in the social world. Absolutely well written write-ups where you can read and learn various facets of a sector or a particular stock or even market in general or sentiment.
  • @JackDamn: Kas is a swing trader, coffee drinker and a lard eater. He is excellent with respect to macro technical analysis but also posts various stock ideas. Very simple and straightforward for any layman to understand.
  • @upsidetrader: Joe is one of the oldest member of Stocktwits and very respectable. I luv the interactions with him and the some of the funny posts on a stressful day. A great resource for trading and has tons of years of experience. In a true bull market environment he lives and breathes Biotech stocks. Awesome follow.
  • @ZorTrades: Frank Zorrilla, with plenty of experience over a period of time, Frank posts a ton of relevant information pertaining to equity markets. He is a portfolio manager at Zor Capital LLC. He is a long and short trader and provides quite a few trade ideas. Also, whether you are a newbie or an experience trader, quite a few of Frank’s posts are meant to be treated as educational material as it makes one think outside the box.
  • @sspencer_smb: Steven Spencer is a prop trader and co-founder of SMB Capital and SMBU. He focuses on intraday and swing trading. He specializes in top momentum stocks and those with fresh news catalysts. His tweets are very timely and accurate.
  • @WallStJesus: Call himself Song of Market Gods, King of Call Sweepers. No doubt. A must follow if you are a serious options trader. He utilizes option sweepers as a powerful tool or an indicator for real-time trading.
  • @chessNwine: Chess is a straightforward, down to earth practical trader who focuses on price action without bias. We can of course call him a stock market chess player. You should hit his profile and tweets. Excellent short videos every evening providing market recap and what one can or should expect. Beyond markets, the movies he posts  every weekend, top notch.
  • @BeckyHiu: Becky is a young bidding CMT and one of the sharp kids on the block who thinks outside the box. Becky is a Fundamental and Swing trader. She posts a lot of thoughts and shares a ton of charts with some actionable ideas.
  • @lumberjax: Jax is a short term momentum trader who uses technical analysis to look for stocks with short-term price momentum. He uses his own algos that he has programmed in TradeStation and fine tuned them over the years. Precision is what I see in his charts and price points.




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