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Sites/Tools Description
Finviz A site that all traders should use daily. A wealth of information, scanners, market gauges.
Barchart For newer traders, the Cheat Sheet section may be of great interest. Another site with an enormous amount of information in one spot. Spend time here.
Stocktwits Site with tremendous amount of information and trade ideas. A must use site for traders
Candle Patterns I use this site a lot when I want to look at detailed candle patterns, etc. If you are interested in candlesticks, this site is for you.
Pattern Positive |
Patterns & Stats
Patterns and Stats
Bloomberg |
Dow Jones Indexes |
Russell Indexes |
Good source of market information, perspective. Dow Jones info. Russell info.
Free Stock Charts |
Trading View |
Marketwatch Big Charts
I use these sites primarily to create my charts. There is also educational info available.
Spread Analyzer |
Sector Spread Correlation
I use these web sites to look for information and trade ideas for pairs or spread trading.
Decision Point Good TA information
Stock Fetcher I use this site a great deal for my scans. Play around here, you will be glad you did.
Stock Mapper A cool site with a variety of tools available including a Heat Map with filtering & sorting
NY Times |
Advance Decline Data
Sites for market information, events, breaking news, performance data, etc.
Markit Economics |
Quandl search 9 million data sets
Good source of information for Economic data, PMI data, etc.
| Currency ETF
ETF Database |
iShares |
Good source for various ETF categories including leveraged types & Currency
Weekly Option Schedule |
OptionTradingPedia |
Investopedia |
Max Pain |
Option Calculator |
Good source for Options info
MobileDay Conference Software | Team Viewer | Skype Miscellaneous Tools I use
Forex Pros | Marketwatch Economic Calendar | Forex Factory | Daily FX | Economic Calendars I use