“New Opportunity + Involvement at Stocktwits”

//“New Opportunity + Involvement at Stocktwits”

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a blessed day and had a great trading week.

First of all, thank you so much for all your follows and interactions. It’s been a pleasure helping many and learning along the way. Nearing 24,000 followers and that’s a dream per se. However, as many of you may have been noticing, my involvement in Stocktwits community has slowly dwindled. Don’t get me wrong – I still luv Stocktwits and consider it to be a great medium for learning and would luv to meet many of you when I visit your town or when you get near where I live.

Having said that, this may be the perfect time to provide some reasons.

  1. I’ve been going through some health issues and recouping from them slowly but steadily. Things are looking better so far with God’s grace but it will take a longer time.
  2. I’ve mentioned many times that trading is not my primary job or focus. And beginning the week of April 25th, I will be assuming a more prominent role at the Program Level where I work and hence I will not be in the stream for most part of the day. This was not expected but changes do come fast and furious and one has to be ready for it.
  3. When time permits, I’ve tried to engage myself with a couple of Premium sites where I can share some information and also help newbies or intermediate traders. I am not an expert but atleast help with what I know and see. Apologies, I cannot reveal any further information on this write-up on where and who I am involved with. And nothing comes free – I pay them monthly fees.
  4. As far as Stocktwits goes:
    1. I need to remain on the sidelines as there is way too much noise. When the base is getting larger, often there are times when there are opinions, bias and also predictions. Unfortunately, these are unnerving and sometimes when I am focusing on trades or discussing somethings with a few, lot of unwanted intervention as well from those who don’t follow me or those who want to involve others in some unwanted conversation. Due to this, there are more tweets required that I would like. Sorry I am not the kind of person to stay quiet like many traders. I try to be political but sometimes do lose my cool and I’m being honest. No beating around the bush.
    2. I’ve repeatedly asked / requested for a MUTE button but that request has been considered rubbish by a few in the Stocktwits Admin team.
    3. No offense but to be blocked for asking some valid questions too, is another unnerving issue. It is up to the individual to allow access or not but if you are a community head and post Podcasts, and many important communications and I can’t see them, there is absolutely no use continuing to use this platform longer term. Apologies can be given if there were any issues but I don’t think I’ve committed any crime either. This is just one example.

I find Twitter community has a lot of good quality traders and the noise is much lesser and there is a ton of willing traders or individuals who want to learn. I share a ton of information there off late plus have some jocular comments, some fun and some pun – nothing offensive on both sides. It is always mutual and that is how I learnt. I respect all of you here but at the same time I command respect, not demand.

Going forward, I will be active as much as I can on Twitter. I will post only important information or any post/charts that I may have to share via this personal blog site or via SeeITMarket. Unless it really warrants, I will be avoiding individual chart shares as well.

With that said, have a wonderful enjoyable weekend everyone. God bless you all!

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