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Symbols/Phrase Description
100d 100 Day Moving Average
10d VWAP 10 Day Volume Weighted Average Price
8d 8 Day Moving Average
21d 21 Day Moving Average
50d 50 Day Moving Average
100d 100 Day Moving Average
200d 200 Day Moving Average
Abv Above
ATM At the Money
ATR Average True Range
B/D Break Down
B/O Break Out
BB Bollinger Bands
BTO Buy to Open
BTC Buy to Close
CnH Cup and Handle pattern
Conf Confirmation
DCC Diagonal Call Calendar
DPC Diagonal Put Calendar
Fib Line Fibonacci Line: 23.6, 38.2, 61.8 etc
FTD Follow Through Day
FTW Follow Through Week
HH Higher High
HL Higher Low
LH Lower High
LL Lower Low
HnS Head and Shoulders Pattern
Horz Supp Horrizontal Support
ITM In the Money
INS In the submarine, bottom fishing (submarine basket)
InH Inverted Hammer
J-Hook J Hook Pattern – Pattern formation is J
L Long
S Short
MA Moving Average
RSI Relative Strength Index
MACD Moving Average Convergence Divergence
KC Keltner Channel
MACD x^ MACD cross up, a powerful event that preempts a nice up move
Marshmallow on-a-stick A really long shadow on a Hammer, Inv Hammer, Hanging Man or even a Shooting Star
MM Measured Move
OB Over bought
OD Over done
OS Over sold
OTM Out of the money
PnF Point ‘n Figure (chart style)
Pos Position
R/R Risk Reversal
RR Risk Reward
R Resistance
RES Resistance
ROC Rate of Change
SI Short Interest
SitG Stake in the Ground
SMA Simple Moving Average
EMA Exponential Moving Average