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Trade Ideas for the week of 8/7/2015

ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc. ($ACAD): $ACAD has formed a bull flag and consolidating in a tight range. Over 50.50, the stock can breakout with resistance at 52 and 53.81 higher. The measured move out of this breakout is approximately towards 60 (9.66 from the breakout zone). Momentum indicators are all in bullish zone but in [...]

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Trade Ideas for the week of 7/31/2015

iDreamSky Technologies Ltd. ($DSKY): $DSKY is a relatively newer issue and has been consolidating after finding a near term bottom around 8.83 and exploding higher. The stock has formed a tight pennant or even a bull flag. BO > 12.38 measuring approximately to about 15.93. Enter long ideally over 12.45 with a stop at the loss of [...]

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Trade Ideas for the week of 7/24/2015

Sarepta Therapeutics Inc ($SRPT): $SRPT - a stock that I've played in the recent past is setting up for another move higher. I've been watching this for over a couple of weeks now. The stock is in an ascending triangle after consolidating from the move in mid May. A break above 32.40 takes it [...]

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Trade Ideas for the week of 7/13/2015

Allergen PLC ($AGN) - Formerly $ACT: $AGN had a decent run on Friday and now one breakout watch above 315. Momentum indicators are bullish with MACD just crossing and price is above all moving averages. Has earnings on August 16th. Looks ready for an explosive move with a Cup and Handle. Enter long on [...]

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A few perspectives on $TSLA

Well, the day after I posted as one of the top trades I am looking at, $TSLA just went berserk. A clean breakout if you will. But as always, I thought of reviewing a few things and provide a few perspective on this stock. First, I want to provide a possible negative scenario. With [...]

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Additional setups for Next Week (6/8/2015)

These are some additional setups that look decent for the upcoming week if the market cooperates. A few that I am already in and a few that I may initiate new position. $TSLA: A lot of eyes on this stock. And some waiting for an Elon tweet. Whether you wait or not, the stock [...]

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Setups for Next Week (6/8/2015)

Thought of posting some Trade Ideas through my blog instead of clogging the Stocktwits stream. These are some I've shared on Friday but a few more. Trade them in accordance with your trade plan and risk management strategy. Trade them well... $DATA: Posted a couple of times last week that this stock is getting [...]

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Why these stocks can go much higher – $JCI and $JD

Johnson Controls - $JCI Johnson Controls, Inc. operates as a diversified technology and industrial company worldwide. Its Building Efficiency segment designs, produces, markets, and installs integrated heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems, as well as building management systems, controls, and security and mechanical equipment. This segment also provides technical services, energy management consulting, and [...]

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