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A Few Perspectives – 10/21/2015

A day to take notice. Keep it simple. As mentioned last evening (10/20), the momentum to the upside was waning but we wanted to see some indications of that divergence or shift taking place. The biotech stocks were bludgeoned today - not something new. Here's the updated chart of $IBB. A bounce possible hammer [...]

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“Pros and Cons of this rally” – 10/06/2015

Good evening! Hope everyone had a nice weekend and a couple of week days. Lots of opinions and predictions have started on where the market is going by newbies or some relatively newer players without analyzing the charts or internals. Lot of folks who shorted in a hole without respecting price action and kept [...]

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Quick Thoughts – 9/23/2015

Hello folks! Good evening. Thank you so much for your follows/shares and interactions. It seems as though yesterday when I reached 10,000 followers. Just kidding. There are 13,000+ followers and some established traders. Thank you for everything that you do and God bless each one of you. Apologies for taking off mid-week just like that. I [...]

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Longer Term Perspective on $SPY (7/9/2015)

Without much prelude, I want to go straight to the topic. And I am not here to contemplate whether we go lower or not, just hypothetical situations on the possibilities. Nothing more. No predications and no opinions. On Wednesday night, I posted a couple of scenarios on the $SPX Daily chart (attached below). 1. [...]

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