Top Stocktwits Traders!!

Greetings to all my followers in both Stocktwits and Twitter. As of today, I've reached a very important milestone in my Trading career, even though it has been a part time one. I've completed 20,000 followers in Stocktwits and I have to thank you for each one of your follows, interactions on your daily [...]

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How does Stock Split affect your Options?

During a stock split, the options you hold will undergo an adjustment. Options Clearing Corporation (OCC) will adjust your options automatically and will reflect via your trading account. Net value of the holding is unchanged. Stock split increases the number of options contract you hold. This will require an adjustment in your trading plan. Risk [...]

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Risk Management & Trade Plan

Trading can be fun but a brutal business. Almost everyone has read the statistic that 80-90% of active traders are not profitable and eventually quit trading. If you think trading stocks is difficult, options is even more tricky and you can lose the entire premium in a jiffy. If you are a newbie, during the [...]

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