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“$SPY $QQQ $IWM Open Interest & Watchlist – 04/26/2016”

Greetings everyone! A quick post with $SPY, $QQQ and $IWM Open Interest and a few charts of interest for Tuesday 4/26/2016. $SPY Open Interest: Highest calls still at 215 and as mentioned during the weekend post, quite a few were rolled out of April 22nd expiry (210 calls) and some were sold to open. The [...]

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“$SPY $QQQ $IWM Open Interest & Watchlist – 04/25/2016”

Greetings everyone! A quick post with $SPY, $QQQ and $IWM Open Interest and a few charts of interest for Monday 4/25/2016. $SPY Open Interest: $SPY finished the pinning 209 pretty much last week. Here are the potential scenarios which can play out the upcoming week. Highest Calls: 215 (Quite a few sold to open [...]

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“$SPY Open Interest & Watchlist – 04/22/2016”

Good morning everyone. A quick post with $SPY Open Interest and a few charts of interest. Included $QQQ and $IWM also. $SPY Open Interest: With $SPY moving lower below 210 and 209, they are obvious resistance zones with a ton of calls present above. 209, 209.50 and 210 all have a [...]

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“New Opportunity + Involvement at Stocktwits”

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a blessed day and had a great trading week. First of all, thank you so much for all your follows and interactions. It's been a pleasure helping many and learning along the way. Nearing 24,000 followers and that's a dream per se. However, as many of you [...]

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“Possible Bounce in Downtrend” – Look ahead for the week of 02/19/2016

Another week, another downward move - fast controlled selling and another sharp oversold bounce from tradeable lows. The price action on Friday looked quite similar to Jan 20th although there are some positive divergences emerging for the very short term. And all bounces so far have culminated at either 38.2% retracement or 50% retracement [...]

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