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Who Am I?

Venky Srinivasan: Having spent most of my life as a Technical and Project/Program Management arena, trading in stocks became a hobby and passion. The initial days were harsh and loses mounted with every single trade with onzie twozie success. Most of these were in options trading. This is when I took a break in trading for about 4-5 months and learnt a few important aspects of trading such focusing on price action, technicals and ensure that I shut a lot of noise (CNBC mainly). Everyday since then, I’ve been learning new things, new aspects of trading.

In early 2011, I got introduced to Stocktwits by a friend. This is an amazing platform where real traders share ideas, trade and also provide ample guidance to novices. I met my mentor here. Guess who? Greg Harmon (@harmongreg). A wonderful person with so much patience. Thank you sir for all that you do and done. Appreciate it.

I took the opportunity to enroll into the premium service (an awesome service) at DragonFly Capital almost 4 years ago, mainly to learn the basics of trading, how to look at charts, technical indicators and observe Greg’s charts. Nothing more, not to make money but to learn. Very difficult for many to do that.

I am no professional by any means but today I certainly can say that I possess the acumen for some serious trading with defined risk. While I am a firm believer of “The DOW Theory“, focusing mainly on technicals and price action in the charts has been my motto. Every individual has his or her own style of trading but the common goal is to make money and cut losses.

In my website, my intent is to focus on individual/retail traders or investors who are yearning to learn and venture into the stock markets.  There is quite a bit of reading material that I’ve included in this site that should equip you to understand the overall process. Come on in and have fun trading…

Books to Read:

1. Trading Options, + Website: Using Technical Analysis to Design Winning Trades - Greg Harmon
2. How to Trade in Stocks - Jesse Livermore
3. How to Make Money in Stocks: A Winning System in Good Times and Bad - William O’Neil