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Last week’s (7/31) – Performance

Here's the performance of the stocks I've posted as trade ideas for the 7/31/2015 expiry. $BNFT was the worst performer, didn't even get started. Got clobbered. $HQY triggered a trifle. Rest all, not a whole lot. Probably a ton of skepticism on the rally with waning momentum. There were quite a few trade ideas [...]

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Trade Ideas for the week of 7/31/2015

iDreamSky Technologies Ltd. ($DSKY): $DSKY is a relatively newer issue and has been consolidating after finding a near term bottom around 8.83 and exploding higher. The stock has formed a tight pennant or even a bull flag. BO > 12.38 measuring approximately to about 15.93. Enter long ideally over 12.45 with a stop at the loss of [...]

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Divergences Galore – Look ahead for the week of 7/31/2015

Everywhere I read, it is about breadth deteriorating, divergences and broadening wedge on $SPX and many more. Well, that is true though and I don't want to paint a picture that shows that everything is okay. Overall the market is still range bound keeping the 2015 theme intact. There are some sectors that have [...]

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Last week’s (7/24) – Performance

Here's the performance of the stocks I've posted as trade ideas for the 7/24/2015 expiry. Except for $DLTR that triggered very late in the week, most of them triggered but pulled back towards the end of the week with a brutal Friday session. $AMBA was the pick in the list that exceeded expectations. Hope [...]

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Trade Ideas for the week of 7/24/2015

Sarepta Therapeutics Inc ($SRPT): $SRPT - a stock that I've played in the recent past is setting up for another move higher. I've been watching this for over a couple of weeks now. The stock is in an ascending triangle after consolidating from the move in mid May. A break above 32.40 takes it [...]

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Digestion or New Highs? – Look ahead for the week of 7/24/2015

Absolutely chilling week. Mind blowing. From 204 and change to 212.48, a stone throw away from the highs. That was the remote scenario I mentioned and expected to reverse if we get to 210 but the inevitable happens again. A "V shaped Rally" takes effect. Here is what I had mentioned last week in [...]

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Last week’s (7/17) – Performance

Starting this week, on every Friday after OPEX, I have decided to post the performance of the stocks I've posted as trade ideas. This will include some that I've entered but only includes the stock's performance. This is something that may be important when I do decide to go with some Premium Subscription options [...]

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Trade Ideas for the week of 7/13/2015

Allergen PLC ($AGN) - Formerly $ACT: $AGN had a decent run on Friday and now one breakout watch above 315. Momentum indicators are bullish with MACD just crossing and price is above all moving averages. Has earnings on August 16th. Looks ready for an explosive move with a Cup and Handle. Enter long on [...]

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Longer Term Perspective on $SPY (7/9/2015)

Without much prelude, I want to go straight to the topic. And I am not here to contemplate whether we go lower or not, just hypothetical situations on the possibilities. Nothing more. No predications and no opinions. On Wednesday night, I posted a couple of scenarios on the $SPX Daily chart (attached below). 1. [...]

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