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How does Stock Split affect your Options?

During a stock split, the options you hold will undergo an adjustment. Options Clearing Corporation (OCC) will adjust your options automatically and will reflect via your trading account. Net value of the holding is unchanged. Stock split increases the number of options contract you hold. This will require an adjustment in your trading plan. Risk [...]

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“Pullback Looming?” – Look ahead for the week of 6/15/2015

The last 2 statements from last week were:: " A range test to 204.51 at some point this summer might be on cards but as of now more consolidation, if anything. This is summertime trading and expect more choppiness." I would start by asking is this the beginning? Well probably or may be. Why? Let me [...]

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A few perspectives on $TSLA

Well, the day after I posted as one of the top trades I am looking at, $TSLA just went berserk. A clean breakout if you will. But as always, I thought of reviewing a few things and provide a few perspective on this stock. First, I want to provide a possible negative scenario. With [...]

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Additional setups for Next Week (6/8/2015)

These are some additional setups that look decent for the upcoming week if the market cooperates. A few that I am already in and a few that I may initiate new position. $TSLA: A lot of eyes on this stock. And some waiting for an Elon tweet. Whether you wait or not, the stock [...]

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Setups for Next Week (6/8/2015)

Thought of posting some Trade Ideas through my blog instead of clogging the Stocktwits stream. These are some I've shared on Friday but a few more. Trade them in accordance with your trade plan and risk management strategy. Trade them well... $DATA: Posted a couple of times last week that this stock is getting [...]

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