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“Swoon or Summer Chop”?:Look ahead for the week of 6/01/2015

Welcome to Summer Trading. Failed breakout? Yes. So far it looks certainly looks like one. A few thoughts before we delve in to the charts and see how the markets performed. Quite a few questions were asked during the week about the possibility of a correction and 10% or 20% numbers. Frankly, neither I [...]

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“Summertime Trading”: Look ahead for the week of 5/25/2015

Apologies in advance but this may be an abridged version of the recap since I was away for most part of the long weekend with no access to my laptop. Welcome to the unofficial start of "Summertime Trading". A lot of choppy action last week but in a narrow range above the recent breakout levels [...]

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New closing Highs, now what? Look ahead for the week of 5/18

Is this what you call chop fest? If you see the $SPY 5 minute chart from Tuesday 5/12 through 5/14 early morning hours, how many times that 210 zone became pivotal. See that zone highlighted for yourself one more time. Very difficult to position yourself long or short, unless you had a bias one [...]

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Risk Management & Trade Plan

Trading can be fun but a brutal business. Almost everyone has read the statistic that 80-90% of active traders are not profitable and eventually quit trading. If you think trading stocks is difficult, options is even more tricky and you can lose the entire premium in a jiffy. If you are a newbie, during the [...]

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New Highs or Range Break? – Look ahead for the week of 5/11

As noted in the prior week or weeks before, buyers have patiently waited to get the market oversold and pounced on that opportunity to buy. The day before this happens, I've noticed dark pools entering and accumulating stocks and similarly selling them near the top. The range is now getting even more tighter and [...]

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Rocky Week, What next? Look ahead for the week of 5/4

It was a rocky week no matter how you look at it. From an experienced trader to a novice, almost everyone I spoke to had a pretty nasty week. Some were exasperated. No joke at all. Is this just the beginning to something bigger? I don't know but stressful for many. While much of this [...]

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