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Why these stocks can go much higher – $JCI and $JD

Johnson Controls - $JCI Johnson Controls, Inc. operates as a diversified technology and industrial company worldwide. Its Building Efficiency segment designs, produces, markets, and installs integrated heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems, as well as building management systems, controls, and security and mechanical equipment. This segment also provides technical services, energy management consulting, and [...]

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Breakout or Mean Reversion? Look ahead for the week of 4/27

So from a rollacosta week to new highs in indices and some closing highs as well. But from a trading standpoint, I will certainly say that it was one of the most frustrating week as the indices were meandering to make new highs - was certainly not a blockbuster one but meaningful overall. $QQQ [...]

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Rollacosta Ride continues into the week of 4/20/2015

Wow! What a week! Most traders including me didn’t expect that move on Friday. While I did expect a smaller fall, Friday was a distribution day – meaning indices fell on huge volume. How many negative $TICK and that too over -1000? Phew! Seemed different as I’ve not seen that many since 2011 on a down day. [...]

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$SPY, OI & VIX Review for the week of 4/13/2015

Last week, while the overall bias was more neutral to bearish, I mentioned the 3 scenarios (here) based on the Open Interest and support areas for $SPY. The main caveat was that if we got above 207, then we can march towards the 210 area where there was high open interest. The week played out [...]

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Market Recap for Wednesday 4/8/2015

Most FOMC days are choppy and today was no different. We gapped higher at the open to 208.51 and within the first half hour, we gapped lower vivienda to 207.15 in the next half hour only to gap back up to 208.25 and chop sideways for the next 3 hours into FOMC. FOMC minutes were [...]

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Open Interest for the week of 4/6/2015

With the NFP numbers out of the way on Friday, wholesale jerseys the market has had 3 days to digest this news. The session was very shorted (just 15 wholesale jerseys minutes) and with many on holiday, it is not ideal to judge the movement in total. Having said that the open interest for the [...]

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